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    Ophthalmic HUB 2019

    Ophthalmic HUB 2019

    German ophthalmologic magazine Augenspiegel recognised Sona-PharmExim as a creative and innovative leader of Ophthalmic HUB in his recent article .

    Ophthalmic HUB is the ophthalmologic conference held on March 15-16, 2019 and organized by the Ukrainian Alliance of Ophthalmologists Sona-PharmExim amazed all delegates, participants and speakers of Ophthalmic HUB by a full size hologram of Professor Vitovska O.P. in the welcome zone. This unprecedented gimmick emphasized innovation, modernity and technological progress which are known as peculiar features for all events of Sona-PharmExim. Ophthalmic HUB established new standards of the ophthalmologic conferences in Ukraine. By the high scientific level of the event its organizers attracted 23 international speakers from the USA, Poland, Italy, Latvia, France, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Spain, Slovenia, Israel, Malta, Turkey, Belarus and Germany, 100 national speakers from Ukraine and more than 1200 participants.

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