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    On-line webinars for gastroenterologists and family practitioners

    On-line webinars for gastroenterologists and family practitioners

    Starting from March 2020, “Sona-pharmexim” together with the Association of Dietitians of Ukraine and powerful professorial team of Ukrainian scientists-practitioners, have developed and implemented a series of free webinars for gastroenterologists and family practitioners of Ukraine and Kazakhstan. During each such webinar, hundreds of virtual visitors participate simultaneously to know all the latest world news from international gastroenterology and can also to discuss with speakers in real time while staying at home or just at their office. The only condition to take part in such a conference is good Internet connection.

    Many vital topics have already been discovered in the field of pathogenesis, diagnostics and modern trends in therapy of functional and organic diseases of gastrointestinal tract.  Among others, one of scientific session was devoted to the issue of impact of COVID-19 on gastrointestinal tract as to one of the most relevant problem currently focusing attention of the medical community in the world suffering from virus. In our further plans include lots of valuable surveys and exciting information to discuss, more events to organize, more wide audience to involve.

    Besides the participation in such highly scientific and, undoubtedly, very useful webinars is free for practitioners, at the end of each topic presentation, testing is organized that based on the materials of the information reviewed. Thus, Ukrainian gastroenterologists and family practitioners have the opportunity not only to check themselves for the accuracy of the assimilated material, but also to obtain the obligatory certification marks for their practice permission, provided by a professional certified authority.

    We invite you to join in the upcoming events via the links:

    21.04.2020 Obesity Patient Treatment: A Team Approach – The Key to Success:

    26.04.2020 2nd on-line marathon with international participation “Gastroenterology. Current issues of nowadays”: